The broader impact of school breakfast programs

Research led by Dr Kylie Smith at the Menzies Research Institute examined the effectiveness of school breakfast programs, interviewing parents, carers, teachers and students at five Tasmanian primary schools. Dr Smith's team found that [...]

Soft drinks to be phased out at schools

Softdrinks and other junk food will be phased out of Tasmania's government school canteens as part of a push to improve kids' health, in line with the Tasmanian Government's aim to have Australia's healthiest [...]

Australia has plunged in food security rankings

In an article published in The Mercury on 4 October, Jan Davis, former CEO of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association, writes that rising population and inefficiencies in the food chain must be addressed if [...]

2017 Hunger Report’s worrying stats

The Foodbank hunger report2017 found that 15 per cent of Australians have experienced food insecurity at least once in the last 12 months, with three in five of them experiencing food insecurity at least once [...]

Heart Foundation launches Heart Healthy Eating web page

Heart healthy eating patterns are based on a combination of foods, chosen regularly, over time. This optimal combination can be divided into five categories: Fruits, vegetables and wholegrains A variety of healthy protein sources [...]

Red Cross launches six-week food course

A course to teach people how to prepare healthy, delicious and affordable family meals is coming to the east coast. Red Cross’ Food REDi program is a three-hour session running from 2 August and until [...]

Resettled refugees adopting our bad food habits

An article in The Conversation from a few years ago has resurfaced as part of an analysis of how better data access can enable urban planners to ease community weight problems. The article mentioned, [...]

Orchard’s plan to give apples to kids

Hansen Orchards, in the state's south, has partnered with the Tasmanian School Canteen Association with the aim to make the price of apples in canteens as little as 20 cents apiece. Read the article [...]

Apples cost more than chips in some school canteens

Deakin and Monash university research has found that a meal containing fruit and vegetables costs on average around one dollar more than an unhealthy meal. Three-quarters of primary schools were selling foods like meat [...]

Produce to the People

Produce to the People, in the state's north west, provides emergency food relief to the most vulnerable in the community. Most recently they've taken on the Burnie Farms School, where two acres of fertile [...]

Kitchen on wheels for remote communities

A new kitchen on wheels will visit regional and remote communities to cook up healthy dishes and help to educate communities along the way. $50,000 has been given by the Tasmanian Government to the [...]

Australia’s first ‘rescued food’ supermarket

The OzHarvest Market in Sydney is Australia’s first ever rescued food supermarket. If offers produce that has either been donated or would otherwise go to waste, but is perfectly edible. Based on a ‘take [...]

Stats show Australians concerned about diet and weight

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on health service usage and health-related actions have revealed some interesting insights. With regard to healthy food access, reports from GPs (an Australia-wide survey) say that the most [...]

Have we given up on losing weight?

A tenplay article about a US study has added more joules to the normality fire, with evidence suggesting that fewer overweight and obese Americans are prepared to try to reduce their weight. The problem seems [...]